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Cancer Support

Cancer support This clinic specializes in the support of your health during Chemo and/or Radiation Treatment, utilizing scientifically proven methods that DO NOT cause side effects or a reduction in the effectiveness of these treatments.

At a glance:

  1. Advanced nutritional support for patients with cancer by the use of innovative nutritional / herbal homoeopathic supplements
  2. Supportive therapies to enable better tolerance of orthodox treatment
    1. We can help to assist your body in the balancing of all blood values ie. Platelets, Hemoglobin, Iron, Red Blood Cell Count etc.
    2. Special treatments are available that will help in the reduction and elimination of nausea, vomiting, thrush, gastrointestinal upsets, low appetite, prevention and treatment of radiation burns, etc.
  3. Dietary advice and guidance
  4. Advanced support for those who choose this option
  5. Support for those who are no longer offered conventional treatment
Note: We do not claim to offer a cure for cancer, or to replace treatment already being received from other specialists in conventional cancer care. Our aim is to enhance the lives and care of the individual living with cancer and to offer additional support.