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Back to cooking basics

Back to cooking basics book This book is designed to assist you to eat whole unprocessed foods - and low carb foods.

This approach is not only extremely helpful, but in many cases essential to control blood sugar imbalances as well as all other types of imbalanced body chemistry.

Implementing the Back to Cooking Basics concepts will control the fundamental defects that underlie all disease. This approach has proven true when blood chemistry panels of thousands of patients normalized without any other intervention, except in those where a major toxin was revealed and dealt with.

The longer you are on this diet and the more closely you follow it, the easier it will be to stick to it. This will result in your feeling and looking so much better than you did on your old way of eating.

As you become healthier, your cravings for those foods which are not the best choices for you, will actually diminish. Old habits are hard to break, though, so take your time in changing your diet habits so you won't slip back into your old way of eating. Nutritional supplements may be needed to assist you to get back on track by reducing cravings, and facilitating the detoxification of the major toxins.

Liquids: Water is best with added lemon/lime, and herbal tea. No coffee until you are fully recovered, if then.

An occasional glass of vegetable juice with a meal is probably okay, BUT water really is best.If you enjoy wine or beer and still insist, there are some guidelines. First, drink only with meals. Red wine has less sugar and more of the beneficial polyphenols than white wines. Most of the good foreign beer is actually brewed and contains far more nutrients than the pasteurised chemicals called beer made by the large commercial breweries. Less is better. Occasional rather than regular.

Because coffee and alcohol force you to lose water, you will have to drink more water to compensate.

Important Note: When in doubt, don't eat it. If it isn't on the list, wait and ask your doctor or nutritionist on your next visit. This approach to diet is designed to help you to optimal health as it has for thousands of patients, many of whom are in their later years without signs of degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, etc.