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Children's Health

Childrens Health at Naturopaths in Brisbane Your children are exposed to a multitude of germs and bacteria thanks to their interaction with so many others through play time. This, in fact is good for them - it not only helps their own immune systems grow stronger, it lets them internally destroy these hidden attackers. Sometimes however, as they experience a growth spurt or added pressures from school, their little systems just don’t have enough ‘oomph’ to fight off these baddies quickly enough. This leaves them struggling... and you tired as you worry for their health. You will be pleased to know there are ways we can give your child a boost without resorting to harmful drugs (ensuring that there are no other underlying issues of course).

Behavioural issues are another issue altogether. As their parent, you will have already noticed how some foods change your delightful child to a raging, intolerant stranger. By isolating certain triggers you will see your happy child return and your teachers wondering if you swapped your kid for another.