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Roger Piasecki - Naturopaths in brisbane clinic Roger Piasecki believes your health must give you two main things:

  1. It must give you energy to do the things you love and
  2. it must keep you happy to enjoy those things.

As an experienced and respected naturopath in Brisbane he can guide you to reach these endeavours.

Introducing Roger Piasecki

Roger started in the Pharmaceutical Industry, where he worked for fifteen years before being introduced to nutritional medicine by a pharmacist colleague who also practised as a Naturopath in Brisbane.

Coming from a very traditional background this was quite a revelation. At that time he was of the belief that we could get our daily nutrition requirements from diet alone, therefore vitamin and mineral supplements were an unnecessary expense.

Intrigued by the possibilities of this approach to health, Roger thoroughly investigated naturopathic medicine. This lead him back to college where he obtained his degrees in Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

To gain further experience, he undertook postgraduate studies in the United States and in Cancer clinics in Mexico and Homeopathic hospitals in Calcutta, India.

Roger is one of the leading Naturopaths in Brisbane and has been practicing Naturopathy and Homeopathy now for some three decades.

A message from Roger

Your decision to visit a naturopath may be one of the most important and vital decisions you may take in your life. You see, your health is all you have... keeping well sets the pace for everything else you may ever set out to do.

I believe your health must give you two main things:

  1. It must give you energy to do the things you love and
  2. it must keep you happy to enjoy those things.

My aim is to help you achieve this in the safest and most natural way possible. I look forward to your visit soon so you can discover just how easily this can be achieved

When you come into my waiting room, you'll notice many qualifications around the waiting room - these are not there to impress you, they are there to indicate to you just how intense, detailed and long (six years for Naturopathy and four years for homeopathy) the study of naturopathy and homeopathy is. This means you know you will be in the best hands possible.

Together, we will go through step by step, all your health concerns. Then using professional analysis. we can establish the best course of action, Soon you will feel like a brand new you - ready to cope with anything!!

If you're like most people then you probably wish you had some sort of guidance which will give you the knowledge to take the right path towards a 'Natural Healthier Approach' to life. Perhaps you have been prompted by something in your life or its simply on the recommendation of friends.

This is where your Naturopath comes into play. He or she looks further than the initial pain or problem, because like most things in life this is usually a symptom of something else.

Your Naturopath provides you with long term solutions. So, how do they do this... By looking at you as a whole picture, this means taking the time to gather information about your medical health and history, perhaps looking towards your families medical history. Reviewing your complete current state of health, and each of the major systems in your body. We take the time to explain and educate you about your health and body and how you can take control.

Naturopathy, places an emphasis on helping and educating you to maintain and increase your health and well being. It works on a path of prevention and cure and assists you in reducing the amount and possible dependency you may have on artificial drugs.